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SBK 2011: Superbike World Championship

SBK 2011: Superbike World Championship

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SBK 2011 pushes the SBK®FIM Superbike World Championship franchise to the limit. Always keeping the focus on realism, simulation and accessibility, this brand new version is faster, more exciting and with more adrenaline than ever before. The driving model has undergone a series of major changes, succeeding in what seemed to be impossible: the game is now more realistic and at the same time it’s easier and more satisfactory for both newbie and seasoned players. Three levels of realism are available to let the player customize their riding experience, building at the same time a smooth learning curve. Playing with the Low Sim is perfect to learn the tracks and the bike behavior, Medium Sim model eases the reactions of the powerful SBK bikes, but leaves to the player the possibility of doing incredible late braking maneuvers, Full Sim gives the player the full control of the monster machines of the game. Before getting to the track, the player can set up his bike in the pits using all the options that a real race rider can use. If he doesn’t know how to improve his bike, an engineer is available to do the right fixes based on the player feedback about bike handling. All the player has to do is to tell how handling his bike felt and the engineer will do the setting changes he needs.
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