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Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2

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The story component of Path of Exile's free 4.0 update, planned for release in 2021. The update will add a second campaign option to the game with 7 planned acts at launch. There are also a number of major changes to the core game, which will affect both campaigns, like the currently announced redesign of the skill system, the addition of 19 more ascendancy classes and how ascendancy classes are unlocked. This update will be released alongside a seasonal league which is what the update is usually named after. A lot of changes and additions were announced for the skill gem system, items will now have a set number of sockets for active gems and those gems are where support gems are equiped. There will be a separate menu screen for skill gems to make it easier to view and manage gems. There will be a default of 9 active gem sockets available from standard items, 2 from each item in hand (4 for a 2-handed item), 2 from body armors, 1 from helms, gloves and boots. Specific rings, amulets and unique items will still add additional sockets or gems to the new skill gem menu. Active gems can have up to 5 support gem sockets based on the gems item level with available sockets linked by default. A new gem class, currently called meta gems, will allow both active and support gems to be socketed on them, curse on hit and cast on crit support gems would be changed to these meta gems. Jeweler and Chromatic orbs will now be used on active/meta gems to customize the available support sockets and fusing orbs will be removed from the game
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