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Net King's Call

Net King's Call

Képernyőkép erről: Net King's Call
Képernyőkép erről: Net King's Call

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Friss verzió
Licensz Fizetős
Főkategória Játékok
Alkategória Akció
Fejlesztő Greystone Games
Utolsó frissítés
Megosztás 0
Letöltés 400+
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Net King’s Call is a blend of Turn-Based Strategy and Real-Time Battles! Ever been hit by an unexpected critical hit killing your favorite unit? Have your perfectly planned attacks failed because of an accuracy chance mechanic? Do you want to be part of the action? If you want to control a digital empire while fighting on the front-lines yourself, answer the Net King’s Call! Fight your own battles: In every battle, you’ll be controlling one unit and commanding the rest. Dodge attacks and return fire to deal as much damage as you can to your enemies in quick 30 second battles! Create custom squads of soldiers: Put up to three different units in a squad to deploy into battle. Each playable unit has their own stats and abilities which can be synced with their squad to make your army stronger! Control the battlefield: Move squads around the field to take advantage of the terrain, capture buildings, and beat your opponents back! Cast crippling spells: Support your troops on the frontlines with spells that will mend their wounds, annihilate your foes, or otherwise create a tactically advantageous position! Manage a digital empire: As you take control of more space on the Grand Net, you’ll need to grow your army, research new technology, and recruit allies to your cause! Will you rule by the sword or by the olive branch? A campaign in 3 acts: Follow Peter and his allies on a quest to restore order to a fractured net. Bold decisions will need to be made in order to secure the throne!


  • Op. rendszer: Windows 10
  • Processzor: Intel i3+ / AMD Equivalent
  • Memória: 1500 MB RAM
  • Grafika: External Graphics Card
  • DirectX: Verzió: 11
  • Tárhely: 2 GB szabad hely
  • Op. rendszer: Windows 10
  • Processzor: Intel i5+ / AMD Equivalent
  • Memória: 3000 MB RAM
  • Grafika: External Graphics Card
  • DirectX: Verzió: 11
  • Tárhely: 2 GB szabad hely
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